Nvidia’s new GTX 1070 freezes out Fury, trashes Titan X

The GTX 1070 launched recently, and it’s easily the upper-midrange performance leader. Not only does it beat the Titan X, which launched barely a year ago, it demolishes every card from its own price point and previous generation, as well as the Fury products from AMD.

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Asus reveals revamped water-cooled gaming laptop with dual Nvidia GPUs

The GX800 is a water-cooled gaming laptop that takes “desktop replacement” literally.

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Upcoming Very Bad Idea #992: Using VR in the courtroom

trialVR head
Virtual reality could be on its way to courtrooms, but the technology is far better suited to evoking fantasy than reality.

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Leytonstone knifeman ‘suffered delusions’

A man accused of trying to murder a passenger at Leytonstone tube station suffered from paranoid delusions that MI5 was pursuing him, the Old Bailey hears.

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Optimizations in The Witcher 3’s DLC makes the game look better and run smoother

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine
Blood and Wine, The Witcher 3’s final expansion, is finally available, and it’s impressive in every way. Not only does it offer dozens of hours of high quality monster slaying adventures, but early reports say it looks and performs better than the base game itself.

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OSIRIS-REx is about to go collect (and return) samples from an asteroid

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx is getting ready to launch, meet up with an asteroid, grab some rocks, then return home.

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